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Experimentations Centre and Interlockings


The EBuEf’s main parts are the real interlockings and the H0 scale model railway which acts as an output medium for the actions of the train dispatcher and railway operator. The system consists of multiple parts.

The main part is a double-track main line and a minor single-track line branch. The following interlockings are in operation alongside the route:

  • Block Station Alp (lever frame interlocking)
  • Station and Junction Berg (lever frame interlocking)
  • Station Cella (electro-mechanic interlocking)
  • Station Derau (display interlocking machine)
  • Turnout Leopoldsgrün (electronic interlocking)
  • Station Pörsten (EZMG or electronic interlocking)
  • Hidden Station (electronic interlocking)
  • Junction Tessin (electronic interlocking)
  • Station Walfdorf (electronic interlocking)
  • Drewitz (regional electronic interlocking with four stations)

Further stations are under construction.

Stellwerke unterschiedlicher Generationen im EBuEf

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